Couples shouldn't have secrets should they? Not really, not big ones. Maybe little ones are okay, like sometimes it's nice to have the bathroom door shut. But this?

Closing lap tops quickly.

Having her mobile phone about her person all the time instead of leaving it casually on the work surface, arm of the chair, by the bed...

And now she has just taken a call and gone out to the garden to talk. Quietly. While there's something bubbling on the stove and about to boil over.

Keeping track of

Charlotte and Thomas.

Defo missed a few but here's what I can remember:

Getting carried away. Back to his house.
The sleepover and this is where the trouble begins
What happens next. the inconvenient chemist trip
Shenanigans. And the truth starts to come out. Then back to the hideous peachy house.
One bad decision after another. Kitchen fire. Muz. One tablet by itself doesn't work...
Day Two. I come with an expiry date
half way through a bottle of Agwa, and Responsible from getting shit from A to B
Monday evening. the office at paddys, buying icecream.

Monopoly Finish her
Shopping spree. pos bed

Pancakes and other stories. 3 days late getting arrested and other shit
How to improvise. Can I ask you a question

Flying plates. An almighty row and Charlotte goes missing..
Snatched. What happens after Charlotte is kidnapped? heads start to roll.
Thomas on the phone. Amy is using.
Private detective. The murder of David McRaney and subsequent fall out.
Rhi being born. Preggo penguin.  The fight with Amy, The police come to the house, C&T make up, Rhi arrives early.
Baby Rhiannons first few days, Neonatal abstinence syndrome, drug tests, FaCS and parental rights
At the solicitors with Bruce. Talk of marriage and Pre nups.
The car accident Postcard from Sydney and tampered seatbelts.
Head case. No pain meds and that awful tattoo
Limp dick. A misunderstanding leads to a bush baby
See you in Court Amy cleaned up
Secrets from hot shot to proposal
Cheek to cheek everything is rosy again.... until Thomas threatens Amy, and Charlotte gets a taste of the high life.
Rude awakening nobody wants to see the police on their doorstep
Getting out of prison. six weeks is a long time to spend apart.
Meltdown. The air con goes for a Burton and Charlotte has a melt down over Christmas dinner.
Who's sleeping in my bed. In this AU sliding doors edition Ruth and Thomas wake up in bed together which splits into two threads. Version 1 they didn't. But in evil verion 2 to they did.
Girls night and the devils threesome. contination of AU2 in which Thomas is a complete cunt.
Valentines Day. Is explosive. In a bad way. a very bad way. AU2
The aftermath. What happens when you break something you thought was indestuctible
spilled varnish

Fic: You're a song that I skip

You’re a song that I skip on the radio
‘cause I just can’t take the words
I listened once and it burned
I can’t even hum along

You're a street I can no longer walk down
'cause I just can't see the end
I went there once and stumbled
I couldn't even crawl

You're a scent that makes me gasp and cough
'cause it takes my breath away
I breathed deeply once and it stung
I can't even exhale

You're a dish I no longer order
'cause the taste is too familiar
Once sumptuous now bitter and dry
I couldn't even swallow

You're a ringtone I deleted
'cause it makes my heart leap too high
even on another's phone
I can't take the shattering fall

You're a sock on the floor

You're the sound of a key in the door

You're an entire life

I can't even


Written for Doomed Love prompt
Nothing to do with Scarlet.
red mist

Fic: Tornado Season

You came into my life like a whirlwind. Picking everything up in your pathway and laying it down again, scattered like confetti in the rain. Suddenly my world was topsy turvy and violently rotating with you as the axis. It was hard to resist the sheer force of your magnitude. You lifted me up and propelled me to such highs that I felt like I was truly flying. Nothing could bring me down.

You took my bare bones existence and added a storm of activity. From the moment I opened my eyes until I finally fell asleep exhausted at the end of the day, every waking hour was filled with you. You and only you. And even when I slept, you were there, flooding my dreams. I couldn't get enough of the energy sparking between us like lightning in the dark. It was clouding my vision. So much so that I didn't even see it; the destructive nature of your very existence. A devastating chaos that simply cannot be sustained. I clung to you.

And then you were gone.

So. I fixed myself up. Repaired the broken pieces of my world. Papered over the cracks and felt nothing but emptiness in your wake. After a storm has spent its energy, the rising currents die away and downdraughts break up the cloud. But my clouds remained.

Until one day I felt the wind beginning to pick up. The fallen leaves stirred into a tumble and I just knew. With a wry smile.

It was Tornado season again.

Written for drabblewriter
Nothing to do with Scarlet.

Fic: I'm Nobody, who are you? Are you nobody too?

She eyes him from across the room.
He is perfect. Big, hunky, a piece of beefcake ready for her to sink her teeth into. Someone who looks like they won't ask too many questions that she doesn't want or know how to answer.  A guy with nice teeth and no last name.

She walks into his line of vision.
Commanding his attention, swaying her hips with just the right amount of sensual roll that make her arse as irresistible as a hypnotisers pendulum. And then when she's gauged it just right, she stops and looks at him over her shoulder. Her lips just smile but her eyes they taunt -  'Well. What are you waiting for?'

She pushes him hard up against the bathroom stall wall.
Her mouth hungry on his. Her hands urgently at the top snap of his jeans. Her eyes closed to hide their emptiness. And she wonders. Wonders if maybe this time, if he fucks her hard enough. It will free her from the numbness that echoes through her. This nothing that she has become.

Fill: Dollhouse / Echo  for writinchica2k